Gamer girls got more than game. Check it.

Okay, the bitch is finally out. GamerChicks is now live. Click here for my short little introductory video featuring topless teen Mena. Such a cutie. We have a set we did together that you’ll be seeing. I call that set the Clone Girlz cuz we had the exact same hair when we took the pictures. Some of our webcam chat photos have been up on ModelTexans for a while now, so this finally completes my making all that available. So, yeah, damn, 5 sites plus this one. I’m a sleepy bitch, now. Those new updates on HottieCams are coming right around the corner, and I’ve got lots mo’ where that came from. Hey, does anyone want to link me? I’m willing to link you back. Just email me and let’s talk. K? Late.