fuck me

Goddamn I had a little delay here and there since the last time I blogged but I’ll be making up for that in spades shortly. There are three more from the series below plus two more really fucking crazy sets that I have of one guy banging two hot smoking chicks — and I literally mean they are going to be smoking cigarettes while they’re having sex. Nice. Gotta lug my shit all the way up to Canada to find girlies like that. Yeah yeah. So, here’s number two of a total of five that I have of the series below that I’m posting on ModelTexans.com. I gots me a lot more photos of Trisha to post on GamerChicks this month, PLUS I’m really close to finishing up AbbieTeen.com. That site has all of my videos but in high definition like you’ve never seen. It’s crazy detail. Yes, all my bruises from being drunk and walking into walls. You’ll see all of that. My tattoos? Uncovered? Fuck yes, I’m showing it all to ya. So, in the MEAN time, yo, click the link below for a quick trailer from my newest on ModelTexans.com. Aight?

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