I am on friendster now like 24 fucking 7. It’s like goddamn crack. I love it! I’m glad the baby cries to let me know when to feed him, because I totally swear, I would keep myself wrapped up in it for as long as I’m awake. I never got into those gamer games like EverQuest and whatever the other ones are called. I’ve heard it called EverCrack. Friendster should be called FriendsterHeroine or something catchy like that. Friendsteriods. Yah! Hahah. I made a funny. I can’t get enough of my Friendsteriods. Mmm. Anyway, this is a short entry. I am saying that I will make another sad attempt to get some pictures online of me that are recent. I have definitely been avoiding the camera during this whole reproductive thing, much to the pissedness of my friends who do the hard technicalogical work for the site. So, anywayz just hang in there and you will be seeing some recent stuff from your pornographic pal Abbie Bueller. Join right now if you haven’t already. Bet you can’t find me! Okay, now for free porno from one of my sites. Join today and get access to all 5 of my sites for only $4.95. It’s cheap. You should do it. You could also sign up for the $99.95 for one year plan, too. But hey, whatever you want!

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