Okay, so here is my lame ass friend’s bullshit email. She sent this a day after she went goddamn nutso psycho on me. Goddamn this makes me mad just reading it again. I don’t need these anger crinkles in my forehead! At least this is Halloween and I can blow off some steam tonight. I’m going to be a Trekkie tonight! I’ve got nerd glasses and old TV guides with Patrick Stewart on them. LOL! Okay, so here is the letter: “Abbie, I wanted to apologize for yesterday morning. The
whole thing was ridiculous. However, it is pretty obvious that after all this
time, and all the altercations we have had, that we
really do not get along well. Something in our
personalities just grates on each other. I don’t know
if it is just all the different things that have
happened between us or the sort of odd relationship
that has developed. I don’t think it has been healthy
for either of us or will be in the future to spend
time together outside of work. I just hope that at
this point we can chalk it off to incompatibility and
poor decisionmaking, and we can move forward with a
civil professional relationship.
We really have no interaction at work anymore with the
new seating arrangement, but in the event that we do,
I do not want any hard feelings or uncomfortableness.
I hope this makes sense to you, and that you can
accept my apology.
Thanks.” So, I’m like, bitch! WTF?!! Odd relationship? We had a friendship, or so I thought. Lemme tell you guys something. She doesn’t like girl-girl. I just mentioned it in passing the other day, and she whaled on me for 15 minutes. She’s homophobic. Very sad. She also one of the few people who knows about my porn site stuff and whenever she gets mad at me she fuckin’ blabs about it to everybody. Friends, family, it doesn’t matter. What kind of fucking loyalty is that? It’s not. She’s a loser and I’m sorry I ever tried to put up with her bullshit. No wonder she keeps losing friends left and right. She can’t even date the same guy more than three times before she finds something to dislike about him. And you know, I like to keep my web life on the down-low, okay? I don’t need no freaks stalking me, after all. Ugh!!!