finally some updates

I’m here hanging out at the house and watching ”You’ve Got Mail” on cable. It’s funny that they made that movie back when the internet was still just dial-up and AOL and ewwwwwww! I hated it back then. I had to suffer through some of that when my site first went up and I was doing weekly webcam shows. Dial-up. Yee gods. I was watching ”The Music Man” earlier, okay? That’s something a chick on there said. So, let’s talk about updates. I put up two new updates from on GamerChicks. I also posted two new full length videos on ModelTexans from a model named Amy. She’s so quiet and soft-spoken. The funny thing about her is that we asked her if she bites, and she said only if we wanted her to. Such a funny bunny! The first movie is of a girl sucking off Big House’s dick. Her next video is about how she’s so lucky that she’s gonna get fucked for thirty minutes. That girl could scream! Damn. I’m like, Jesus, stuff a towel in that bitch’s mouth — the neighbor’s are gonna call the cops. So, think about it. I’ll see if I can post some thumbnail galleries from these updates in the next few days. Don’t hold me to it, but I’ll make my effort. In the meantime, TTFN! ;-D