fast and furious

Had a slow weekend. Didn’t really go out. I finally got my Beta (one of those fighting fish) named Billy up here with me. I’ve been worried about leaving him in Austin this whole time but my techie boys have been doing an O.K. job of watching out for him. Speaking of watching out, they got a new 250+ photo set of Sunshine turned in this morning and here is one of the photos. This is actually Sunshine licking her sword. There are some better angles, but I thought I’d start off with this one since it is so hilarious. Last year we took pics of Sun with her licking the TV (while the PS2 was going), so I think we’re starting a pattern. What else will she lick, ya know? Billy was around for that as well. He doesn’t seem traumatized even though he also had to fly up here later that same day (Sunday). OMG! They were almost going to put him through the x-ray machine at the airport when Tran totally started to have a fit with the dork head guy at security. They let him instead just walk through carrying the little tank and that was that. I love my fishy!