dickhead andrew doussept returns!

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From: “bart gimpson” <messagemelater@hotmail.com>
To: abbie@modeltexans.com
Subject: oh my god.
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 10:17:48 +0000
Message-ID: <Law14-F935nlhRyZx4L00000f82@hotmail.com>

Did I hurt your feelings little girl (and yes, it was VERY apparent that I
did) 8)=).

Well since you missed the obvious along time ago, that email should have
been a wake up call. But I guess you will never figure that out until your
older or smart…well perhaps maybe older.

You took the time to search the internet to find other things I have done on
the internet and then the only critisizm you can come up with is my taste in
music. (ps japanese classical music is very relaxing)
Sorry if I do not like that overly intelligent and mind elating music like
limp bizkit or the other highly fasinating music you listen to. (as I am
only guessing a girl of your caliber would listen to).

Perhaps you should listen to a more classic music form and get that shit out
from your ears. And perhaps you woudnt’ be a whore.

Sorry, but selling “fuck tapes” what would you call it….normal?

oh yes, ….you would call that normal.

well imagine if your mom and dad did it. Would you be proud? Well your kid
is going to think the same way about mommy.

But I guess that doens’t matter since it’s “your life and you can do what
you want with it” hmm… sounds like something a 14 year old would say on
the jerry springer show. But im sure your dying to get on that one.

Please you can do better than belittle my taste in music.

If I hurt your feeling READ INBETWEEN THE LINES on that email. Basically I
will waste a bit more time and spell it out for you. You have a child now,
and priorities. And one should be making money in a way your child will be
proud of you.

Or is that concept to square or basic for your highly motivated (ie your net
search on me..and oh yes, i found it quite funny to say the least) and under
inept mind set.

And the funny thing is you tried to humiliate me, and ended up showing
everyone what a sad girl you are and how much it did bother you to do all
that homework on me over a simple email.
Poor girl 8)=)

hehe ps, sorry for the late reply, but it’s not like I care about you or do
searches on myself, just thought I would point something out for you.


And all I can think to say is what…ever! You got my taste in music wrong. You got my intention wrong (i.e. humiliating you / wanting to be on Jerry Springer). You got my job wrong (i.e. being a whore). Worst of all, you got your own spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation all wrong. Impressive. By the way, don’t threaten me with your stupid ass unwanted opinions about how I should handle my life, mother fucker. Again, you sure represent for the dicks in Canada. Way to go!