december kicks in





Just wanted to note that I have posted some new updates on each of my sites over the last couple of days. I am still gonna have to postpone putting up GamerChicks because it is way harder to work on it than I thought it would be. Have you ever tried making a porn site while 50 members of your immediately family are breathing down your neck? I learned a new phrase I can use in chat now because of it. My little sister taught it to me — POS. Guess what that means? Not piece of shit, but instead… Parent Over Shoulder. Heh. How so very funny. So, to summarize, I am posting the last of 4 Gina sets tomorrow on ModelTexans. On ModelRussians you’ll see part 3 of Asenka the blonde Russian ho that ate me out last year. On HottieCams you get to see my cameraman Tran get jerked off my yours truly. He then cums all over my belly. He loved that, I assure you. And lastly RealDollSex has a new update with Mena in the new hot little pink Pamela Anderson type babydoll dress we bought a few weeks ago. She slinks all over Stefanie Love, my love doll / brain dead porno slave. I also got Tran to make another movie with her so we’ll post that up soon, along with a screen cap of the video we sent to some lucky Yahoo chatters (who were more likely than not shocked to see what he did). It was so funny, some people thought she was even dead! LMOA! Again, only $19.95 gets you access to all my sites, plus all the other streaming stuff I have up (Pornication, etc). Join today, please? Okay, okay, so that’s all the latest updates and self selling you’ll hear from me. As far as Thanksgiving goes, it is over and done with and I feel like a big ol’ fatty now. We had a huge country cooked meal, complete with oil fire and oak smoked turkey. All the trimmings, plus a very nice fudge marshmellow cake with caramel. I can feel my cholesterol going up by just thinking about it. The stuffing was great, and I was finally able to identify what that mystery meat was after all these years. Oysters. Little did I know. Tricky guy my grand daddy. Well, enjoy the rest of your holidays and take care and stay sweet!