cut to the chase

A big bag of Doritos and and a half gallon of Strawberry Quick. Is that a snack? Anna Nicole thinks so. I taped the show last night and just got through watchin’ it. I mean, she’s beautiful and all, but Anna, please! Snack packs. They are everywhere. So are stairmasters. Now, I know I was kind of puffy with the baby fat when I was 18 years old, and now 21 is right around the corner. Last year I think I was getting too thin, but I’ve packed on some muscle since then. That was during my Drug Experiment Phase. Right now I’m in my Undo All the Damage from the Drug Experiment phase. So, even though this is like the 5th Anna Nicole show I’ve watched, it has only now occurred to me that Anna is narrating everything and it isn’t really necessary. Why, why, why? It confuses me more so cuz she speaks so clearly during the narration, but her drawl In Real Life seems to be the real her. I don’t remember Ozzy narrating his show. Oh well. Those guys at E! must know what they are doing. That Howard K. Stern guy knows what he’s doing. Attorney my ass. He’s F’ing her, come on! Come clean.