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I’m catching up on some of my updates. Got new stuff up almost everywhere for my new peeps. I had to change the signup forms I am using from ones that I made to ones that my billing company generates for me. I personally think they kind of suck because I can’t really personalize them like I did before. If you’ve thought about signing up but changed your mind when you saw the form, don’t worry I plan on spending more time with them and getting them back to what I want. In other news I am trying to sit down and do my taxes today. It sucks. Hate doing it. I have TurboTax deluxe and plan to do it all online cuz mail sucks! LOL. I am watching VH1 Making The Video with this Christina Aguillara video called Spider (I think?). It is distracting me but I’m cool with it. Mmmm.. Christina. Okay, more later. Gotta get some worky done.