checkin’ out now

I am leaving tomorrow morning at 4 AM. The ass crack of dawn. I’m hitting the White Castle again tonight and maybe seeing the Robin Williams psycho fotomat guy movie. One Hour Photo? Yeah. As usual I am waiting until the last minute to get everything ready. Things have been going OK at home in my absence apparently. I am doing a photo shoot this weekend so if anyone has any requests, now is the time to use the comments link and speak up. I’m gonna hold off on posting a video clip again today cuz I just got my bandwidth charges for August. We used 585 GB total. Holy shit! I think this month will be WAY less because of all the little things we’ve done. Tonight ModelTexans and ModelRussians will get the login/password treatment that the other sites have to control the passw0rd wh0rez. La la la not much else going on sorry this is such a lame entry.
I think I’m gonna re-do the movie I have on just so I can learn how to edit and stuff. Anyone got any recommendations for the easiest video editing software? I use Microsoft Movie Maker (cuz it was free) and ULead 6.0 (cuz it came with my videocard). I am trying to use ULead more because I want to burn DVDs one day when I’m smarter than I am right now (ha). Okay, enough bullshittin’… I’m outtie.