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the final countdown

Well so I’m only 5 days away from my due date. I thought I would have popped this little puppy out last month but I guess that wasn’t the case. Been keeping myself busy though the last week. I posted

the dick bandits

So I’ve been working at the Adult Newstand out here for the last month and I had something totally freaky happen while I was out to lunch yesterday. These two guys came in and tried to shoplift a box of

x-men 2 coming

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been takin’ care of the family business while my mom is in the hospital up here. What could Abbie’s family possibly be doing for a family business? Porn store. Heh. Yeah, the fruit doesn’t


sample my fuck video This has to be quick. Lots to say. No time to say it. I was up last night at 2 AM cuz I heard the sound of pounding on the other side of my wall. My

merry merry

She wants to fist fuck! Up to the wrist! Okay, well, no she doesn’t. That’s from some song a band called RockBitch put out a few years ago. I accidentally downloaded it off Napster back in the day. I think

amber waves of grain

Christmas is coming and I’ve been shopping my ass off for the last few days. I thought I could get a lot of things done online but so many places are sold out of anything worthwhile that buying online is

jolly science

Gonna post a quick update. I have a new video I’m posting today for RealDollSex. There is also a webcam video angle that goes with that, so I will try to get them both up at the same time. Our

typical texan

Finally someone has sent in a submission to my dare that I posted on 11/11/2002 (see ”stuck”). I thought I would get a lot more but I guess some of you guys are bashful? All you have to do is

december kicks in

ModelRussians ModelTexans HottieCams RealDollSex Just wanted to note that I have posted some new updates on each of my sites over the last couple of days. I am still gonna have to postpone putting up GamerChicks because it is way

two girls, twice the fun

So let’s see, what is up today? Still no car. Still no boyfriend, but I am definitely out of here this weekend for a weekend in KY for TG. I saw this funny shirt at Urban Outfitters online that basically


So very, very tired. It’s Thursday and my alarm clark didn’t wake me up. I am supposed to go out with a friend this morning and look for possible victim replacement cars. My price range is in the poopie range

leave the drama to your momma

Yeah, so, my life is all full of drama. I recently was trying to be friends with my ex-boyfriend Tristan but he’s such a psycho freak of the world that it is absolutely fucking impossible. Ya see, I was driving

zoom zoom

This weekend was wack. First I dyed my hair brown. Then I accidentally removed my tongue ring. No matter how many times I tried to get it back, nothin! I’ve had it for over two years and dammit I’ve got


Okay, so here is my lame ass friend’s bullshit email. She sent this a day after she went goddamn nutso psycho on me. Goddamn this makes me mad just reading it again. I don’t need these anger crinkles in my

mommy sucks

I use a modem thingy most of the time when I am online except for when I go over to technical boy’s apartment in Round Rock. He’s got a cable modem. I’m there right now but damn it is so


Omigod I’ve gotta splitting headache. I need to wait til’ I turn 21! Yeah, driving down to Mexico to celebrate Columbus Day was a huuuuge mistake. Why do they give us these days off if they know it’s gonna make

cut to the chase

A big bag of Doritos and and a half gallon of Strawberry Quick. Is that a snack? Anna Nicole thinks so. I taped the show last night and just got through watchin’ it. I mean, she’s beautiful and all, but

trading spaces

Bored. I have only a few more things to do as far as transferring my sites over, but I am procrastinating. I’ve got E! on and their True Hollywood Story show has me hooked. I was looking for Trading Spaces


Omigod! It is SO HARD. So very, very hard… to move a site. Yes. Oh yes! It is super hard. I had to reinstall this blog software to get it to work again. Not fun. I didn’t have fun the

stepping into the twilight zone

Watching this hilarious fucking making of show on MTV about the new Madonna video that’s coming out. Madonna is so hilarious. I love her! She hasn’t lost anything. ”Swept Away” is what the movie is called. So great. That’s on