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real sex doll

My man Steve Awesome is done posting all of the newly rendered videos for today. There’s both DVD quality (3000 megabits — whatever that means) and VHS quality (1000 megabits). All videos are 640×480 or better now with newer


I’m adding all my RealDoll stuff in DVD quality video over the next couple of weeks and will be dragging that silicone bitch out for some fresh fucking. Looking over my realdoll gallery that I have posted, I’m surprised I

a couple more realdoll sex shots

Tran called me up and let me know there are actually two shoots he did with the RealDoll while visiting his townhome in Oklahoma last week. He actually has one whole other video he filmed while he was totally raping

new realdollsex video!

Holy mother fucker! Tran dragged Stefanie out of the silicone whore doll closet and fucked the shit out of her face on his friend’s piano. He just posted the new complete video up on Unbelievable! This is why we’re

tie me up, tie me down

Stefanie Love, our RealDoll fuck model, was behaving badly and needed punishing. ”Tie the silcone bitch up and fuck the shit out of her,” we thought. So we did! Watch RealDollsGet FUCKEDat You want more?

you know that I know

I gathered together all of my RealDoll galleries and I’m putting them up for you to check out. Click here if you’d like to join for only $4.95 for three days. If you join from the site you won’t

slackity slacker girl

Okay, my little bitches. I’m sorry that I have been so sucky at updating my blog as of late. You will probably notice that my sites have been getting updated regularly now, so if you join today you’ll get plenty

the beautiful (silicone) people

Every once in a while, I submit a gallery on and I have to make up a funny little story to accompany it. My RealDoll site has a video of me watching Tran fuck the doll, so of course


I am on friendster now like 24 fucking 7. It’s like goddamn crack. I love it! I’m glad the baby cries to let me know when to feed him, because I totally swear, I would keep myself wrapped up in

you want the other half?

Don’t say I never gave you anything. I’m doing okay and working out every day to get myself back in shape. I learned that you shouldn’t eat spicey foods if you’re nursing. Poor little goober. I have been in contact

i’m just a rag dolly

I am digging Stefanie, my RealDoll, out of the closet today for a new photo shoot. I’m thinking about dropping by Victoria’s Secret at the mall today and picking up something in simple black. Funny thing is I always ask

two trailer park dolls go round the outside… I am getting ready for some major updates to the sites this weekend. To make life even more interesting, I’ve picked up MONO! So, everytime I say I’m gonna write something but take forever to do it, that’s mostly

playing dolly

Abbie & Stef the RealDoll Get FuckedCourtesy of RealDollSex.comSHOW ME THE MOVIE Okay, so here is the movie clip that I promised the other day. As you can see I’ve been rearranging my layout again. I thought the site looked