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typity type type

CLICK ON PICTURE FOR MORE OF MENA Saw ”Bruce Almighty” finally. I liked it. Actually, I peed my pants. No, really. There is a scene where Bruce (Jim Carrey) is messing up the speed this other reporter that he hates

matrix reloaded

I’ll be updating more often now that I’ve got my fuck fix on. My boyfriend has been out of town singing on gigs and I’ve been stuck here working the local adult video store my parents own. Not much exciting

fast and furious

Had a slow weekend. Didn’t really go out. I finally got my Beta (one of those fighting fish) named Billy up here with me. I’ve been worried about leaving him in Austin this whole time but my techie boys have

absolut peppar

I am drinking some Absolut Peppar vodka and, lemme say this now, it is very peppery. I guess that’s why they call it what they do. I was hoping to make some Bloody Mary’s but all I have are jalapeno


Gamer girls got more than game. Check it. Okay, the bitch is finally out. GamerChicks is now live. Click here for my short little introductory video featuring topless teen Mena. Such a cutie. We have a set we did together