bank it

I seem to always arrive at the bank right after they’ve been robbed. My bank is a Super Wal-Mart and you’ve got to be the stupidest ghetto bank robber ever to think you could get in there without showing up on camera. It’s almost like a ritual now where someone robs the bank, they let them get away, then they put the guy’s 400 somethin’ pictures on the news and somebody turns them in. It’s happened, like, 20 times. Were these people just born stupid? Shit, I dunno about this city anymore. I may need to get back to Austin where the criminals at least were more creative. I mean, duh!

I’m posting a shit load of videos today after having goofed off a lot on my updates this past week. First up is a video of a girl that looks a whole lot like me. Aimee’s is lucky enough to have Big House on the job. He fucks so often it’s like he’s eating a meal. In this video he gets this sweet little petite 18 year old to let him suck her pussy and then in return suck his dick. I posted the full length 30 minute video today on If you join that site, you get access to my others as well. It’s good.

Next up? Another full length fuck scene with Big House that I posted on AimeesAmateur Her Hottiecams are always rolling. In this one Big House takes the advice he sought from the movie ”Office Space” and fucks ”Two Chicks at The Same Time.” He didn’t even have to steal pennies from a big company to do it. Smart guy. These two blondes take turns letting Big House fuck the shit out of them. It’s a video worthy of your time, trust me.

Over at I posted the last half of Britney’s First Fuck Video. We had two cameras going on this one and I decided to just post the other camera angle last week. The whole half hour video is now available. Remember, we filmed this just before Britney got a boob job, so expect another video later this year once her giant new boobs get broken in. We hope her ex-boyfriend Justin will get to come back for seconds when we film that. Stay tuned! We love to keep you guys in suspense on these things. This alternate camera is actually twice as fucking hardcore as the first video. You’ll cum and cum again. Here’s the two screenshots from the last parts.

Last but certainly not least, I’ve got another set of shots from the always lovely and yummy small tittied girl Lori on I think I’ve got twelve more sets left to post before I’ll have made all of Lori’s work available on GamerChicks. Some sites just offer you one site with Lori’s photos on them. If you join me, you’ll not only get to see tiny breasted Lori naked and slinking around, you get access to all five of my other sites. It’s a good deal. If you join by clicking from here you’ll get a trial offer of three days for only $4.95. It’s a sweet deal. You can’t lose. There is also the freaky as kinky site where you’ll be able to see me nude while watching Tran the Cameraman fuck the hell out of a RealDoll, and even which I do some guest features on as well. Whew. This is a big ass update. I’m off to run my errands again. At least this time I plan on using the ATM. Ah. Love you guys… bubbye!