asian solo girls is up!

About fucking time I put up All I have to do is put watermarks on my galleries and upload them bitches. Funny, I call it a solo girls site, but I can’t resist putting a little boy-girl action in. False advertising, huh? Speaking of, and I should get this out of the way now, I have 50 handjob and blowjob videos that average around 100 MB each up in the secure area on the site to hold you over until I can get all my other shit uploaded. There’s something like 8 GB of porn in there, and it’s stuff that isn’t on any of my sites! Oh yeah! Just right-click and download my bitches! Today I’m going to get my hair done, then it’s right back to work on the sites. It’s pretty chilly outside so working inside sounds really good to me. I have an update for to post, as well as a video montage I put together with myself and Mena on I want to redesign the same way I re-did this site and gamerchicks to some extent. I still have a bunch of videos to post to as soon as my fuckin’ AVS Video Converter starts recognizing the license file I paid good money for. Fuckers! Email me back AVS fuckers! I’m tired of waitin’! Gah! Okay, okay. I’ll play nice. So, check out to see the latest addition to the Abbie Bueller line of porn sites. Mmmmm. Porn! I’ll see if I can get some freebie galleries put together as well. So much to do! Okay, byeeeee.

Update!! Here’s an image from the new REALDOLLSEX update. Click for the trailer! U Likey? Click here and you get access to all 6 of my sites for the price of 1. Yeah, baby (Austin Powers is on TV, so sue me).

RealDoll Sex