amber waves of grain

Christmas is coming and I’ve been shopping my ass off for the last few days. I thought I could get a lot of things done online but so many places are sold out of anything worthwhile that buying online is terrible now. I intend to finish buying all of my presents for everyone today, however, so I can fucking relax this weekend. I haven’t masturbated in, like, 4 days. I’m backed up, okay? I even bought a nice shower head with extension so I could work off my naughty little girl in the shower issues. When I’m not shopping, I am working on GamerChicks. I think I may try to get something of it up soon. I have been posting updates for all of the sites on almost a daily basis so if you already aren’t a member of my porn empire, you should really join today. I’ve added some interesting billing options that you won’t see on my other sites, so feel free to check it out. Want to signup for just a one-time trial period? I’ve got that. Want a discount for joining for a long time? Got that, too. Anyway, please consider it. In other news, I got in a SWEET photo set with Mena the other day. We drove down to Houston and got some awesome shots of the city. We even managed to flash a little bit in public. Nothing like a little public nudity. All of Mena’s photos are going to be on GamerChicks when it goes up. Merry Holidays!

Okay, I’m tired of waiting to post all of the remaining Amber movies so today you’re getting all of the rest of them. You: ”Yayyyy!”

Model Texans Wednesday Welcomes You!
Wednesday says: Join Abbie’s site to see my boobies

To everyone who came back ready to hear me bitching about transportation in Texas… take a seat. I’m still writing my report. It’s a biggie.