absolut peppar

I am drinking some Absolut Peppar vodka and, lemme say this now, it is very peppery. I guess that’s why they call it what they do. I was hoping to make some Bloody Mary’s but all I have are jalapeno stuffed olives. I figured I’d go for the martini since I never really drink them. So very very peppery. Very. I just got back from taking my little puppy (also known as The Terror) from Petsmart and they made him all clean and shiney and he smells like baby powder now. It’s very nice. It made me want to update cuz I’m so happy my doggy smells so good. So, the picture you see on the side is of my woman Mena. She has left me for San Francisco so our updates will be fewer and far between, but lucky for us I have about 20 total sets of her that I will be slowly posting on GamerChicks.com. My first sets with her were innocent and clothed, but during our second session I talked her into getting naked and exposing her gorgeous breasticles. All the better to taste you with, grandma! Hehe. Mmmm so her boobies are pretty (and real!) and I’m glad to say I’ve handled them with care during one particular drunk evening. She knows how to treat a girl with respect (i.e. she didn’t bite on my clit as hard as I thought she was gonna). Hehe. Okay, woah, now, that martini is really making me say crazy things. Let’s see, what isn’t crazy. Well, access to all 5 of my sites and all their weekly updates is still only $4.95 if you sign up from my JOIN page. What a bargain! I know that the majority of you probably are just looking for free porn and don’t want to spend any money. Fine. Click on this and watch a video of a chick getting fucked IN PUBLIC on a street median. I am still trying to find this video, so if you recognize it, please lemme know! Okay, back to bed. Still recovering. I’ll post more filth tomorrow if I crawl back to the computer again. ttfn. <3 Abbie