a few words from abbie bueller

Oh! I’m so excited. The web boys are gonna shoot a movie this weekend I hope I hope! The girl is really really cute. I’ll try to figure out how to get her image posted. This will be for ModelTexans, I think? Maybe HottieCams. I’m not sure. Anyway, Tran is excited as fuck because he doesn’t know if the girl is going to bring her own guy or if he gets to step in as The Dick. He’s stepped in quite few times, lemme tell ya. If you want to see some samples from my 30 minute movie that I made a while back with Tran, you only need scroll below this paragraph. Enjoy! Of course if you join HottieCams.com you’ll get access to all of my fuck movies, photos, and all my other sites. ModelTexans, GamerChicks, RealDollSex, ModelRussians and Hottiecams. I’ve got a deal that if you join through DearAbbie.com by clicking here you’ll get 3 full days of access for only a $4.95 trial. It’s all good. Come on. It’s either me or Hell Boy, and Hell Boy won’t get your nut off.