70ser hack3r5

Today has been very interesting. I started getting emails that were bounced as if I’d sent them. After reading a few I found out someone is spamming AOL members with a message that pretends to be from my server and encourages them to go some page hosted by brinkster.com (apparently these people are stupid enough to let anyone post anything on their site — ugh!). So, I am getting a lot of bounced mail like I said. I sent a message to AOL’s spam department, their legal department, and like any address I could find for Brinkster. Those fuckers are impossible to talk to on the phone. So, this sucks for me cuz some idiot out there thinks they are gonna get me in trouble by pretending to be me as they send bullshit emails like that. But hah hah — we’re gonna have the last laugh when that person gets his little loser hacker ass thrown in jail. Goddamn! Such is the life of a porno camgirl.