Monthly Archives: September 2008

the john mccaine sex tape

Well… not really. It’s not even the Liz Ashley sex tape, either. But… I have, through the magical madness that is digital video thingamabobs and stuff and chromokeying… have come up with the ultimate mash video featuring Liz Ashley, John

joanna marie

Here’s a funny thing. I hired this model named Joanna Marie back in 2001 and she posed in some pretty naughty photos with her Kid Rock lookalike boyfriend. Occasionally I discover some work she did with other photographers (sometimes in

lotsa videos coming to modeltexans

I have a shit-ton of videos that I’m going to post to ModelTexans this month. My updates have been sparse but I am making up for it in spades with lots of updates for ModelTexans and RealDollSex! So very sweet.