Monthly Archives: December 2006

bisexual britni mentioned me!

Britni Ormond, also known as Bisexual Britni, has a blog on Yahoo that she’s been posting to regularly and I was pretty fucking wet when she mentioned That’s the site where I have thirteen of her videos available (among

sexually explicitly updatedly

Just a few more updates that I posted in the last couple of days. I’ve got some time this weekend probably on Sunday to get a site up and online that I’ve been fucking talking about for two years. Okay,

trisha is a hot punk

I have some really cute video of Trisha that I posted up on yesterday. I had a retro wedding type dress that looks straight out of the movie Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald that I thought she’d look really

three latest texas model updates

Watch April’s Movie Trailer Watch Jayla’s Movie Trailer Watch Elia’s Movie Trailer

a couple more realdoll sex shots

Tran called me up and let me know there are actually two shoots he did with the RealDoll while visiting his townhome in Oklahoma last week. He actually has one whole other video he filmed while he was totally raping