Monthly Archives: October 2004

you know that I know

I gathered together all of my RealDoll galleries and I’m putting them up for you to check out. Click here if you’d like to join for only $4.95 for three days. If you join from the site you won’t

fuckin’ brooke

New video from little petite hottie Brooke is now up on for your wanking pleasure. I thought Brooke reminded me of Brooke Shields so we thought about having her quote some famous lines that Brooke Shields has said in

fucking lorraine

I’ve posted some fresh smut over at today. Lorraine is her name. She was so tan, I wondered how she kept it even. ”I live in a patio home” she told me, ”…and I like to walk around nude

innie / outtie

I got into an argument with some guy on CamWhores about how some guys on there think it is okay to treat girls on there like shit who have their own paysites. I’m like, what the fuck dude, you’re fucking

hi to myspacers

What up my people! I recently joined MySpace to see if I could meet some new friends. It worked! There’s a hell of a lot of freakazoids and weirdos on there for me to talk to. I love it. But