Monthly Archives: December 2003

lllllllllet… the sunshine in

Today’s show ’em your ID girl is Sunshine. I think her photo could have been a little more flattering. I wish they’d let you see your picture before they ship it off to the place wherever they make it at.

g.i. jo jo

Alrighty. Almost got all of my Christmas shopping business done and over with. The crowds today are crayzay. I’m gonna keep up with my little series of girls who have modeled with me. Next up: I thought I’d show ya

abbie’ favorite models

I had something posted last night but I figured I’d redo it so it was a little more exciting. Today I’m presenting Britney. She’s my hottie with the bottie that won’t stoppie.’s Britney

welcome to texas

I got this funny email today that suggested the identification card on my site was fake. Check it: Um, yeah, just one problem withat that "Texas" ID…..if you’re under 21 in Tex, the ID is taller than it is long.

the beautiful (silicone) people

Every once in a while, I submit a gallery on and I have to make up a funny little story to accompany it. My RealDoll site has a video of me watching Tran fuck the doll, so of course