Monthly Archives: April 2003

fast and furious

Had a slow weekend. Didn’t really go out. I finally got my Beta (one of those fighting fish) named Billy up here with me. I’ve been worried about leaving him in Austin this whole time but my techie boys have

corrupting her morals

I’m catching up on some of my updates. Got new stuff up almost everywhere for my new peeps. I had to change the signup forms I am using from ones that I made to ones that my billing company generates

open up and say ahhh

It’s hump day today and I got humped up and down all last night. I knew I had my guy coming over so I took a nice shower and then got all cuddly under the covers and when he came

i’m just a rag dolly

I am digging Stefanie, my RealDoll, out of the closet today for a new photo shoot. I’m thinking about dropping by Victoria’s Secret at the mall today and picking up something in simple black. Funny thing is I always ask