Monthly Archives: January 2003

no more chit chat

Abbie & Britney Yeah I am still so sick and sleepy and I have totally caught up on all of the episodes of The Osbournes that I’ve missed since before I got mono. I refuse to capitalize the word mono,

i’m sleepy i’m cold i’m sleepy

This is the video! I got a letter from Britney taped to my door. I recently switched apartments with Tran so I think she thought she was sending this to him and not me. It reads: ”Hey, it’s Britney. I

two trailer park dolls go round the outside… I am getting ready for some major updates to the sites this weekend. To make life even more interesting, I’ve picked up MONO! So, everytime I say I’m gonna write something but take forever to do it, that’s mostly


sample my fuck video This has to be quick. Lots to say. No time to say it. I was up last night at 2 AM cuz I heard the sound of pounding on the other side of my wall. My


Gamer girls got more than game. Check it. Okay, the bitch is finally out. GamerChicks is now live. Click here for my short little introductory video featuring topless teen Mena. Such a cutie. We have a set we did together

hit the spot

I got a very sweet email today from F.M. He was direct and to the point when he told me: ”Wish I was on the receiving end of that mouth, you hot bitch!” Now, normally I don’t get a lot