Monthly Archives: December 2002

merry merry

She wants to fist fuck! Up to the wrist! Okay, well, no she doesn’t. That’s from some song a band called RockBitch put out a few years ago. I accidentally downloaded it off Napster back in the day. I think

happy festivus

Okay, I have no idea if that last entry made any sense. I was high on shopping and credit. Can you blame me? I still have a few more things to do. I’ve going out to the mall today with

amber waves of grain

Christmas is coming and I’ve been shopping my ass off for the last few days. I thought I could get a lot of things done online but so many places are sold out of anything worthwhile that buying online is

jolly science

Gonna post a quick update. I have a new video I’m posting today for RealDollSex. There is also a webcam video angle that goes with that, so I will try to get them both up at the same time. Our

typical texan

Finally someone has sent in a submission to my dare that I posted on 11/11/2002 (see ”stuck”). I thought I would get a lot more but I guess some of you guys are bashful? All you have to do is


december kicks in

ModelRussians ModelTexans HottieCams RealDollSex Just wanted to note that I have posted some new updates on each of my sites over the last couple of days. I am still gonna have to postpone putting up GamerChicks because it is way