Monthly Archives: November 2002

on the road again

CLICK HERE I am leaving in just a few hours for Kentucky so my next update will be off my laptop once I get there. It’s something like 700 miles away so hey, what’s that? Like 7 hours? LOL! Ok,

two girls, twice the fun

So let’s see, what is up today? Still no car. Still no boyfriend, but I am definitely out of here this weekend for a weekend in KY for TG. I saw this funny shirt at Urban Outfitters online that basically

mother fucking russia

Well, so far no car just yet. I have a friend staying over at my apartment while the psycho ex-boyfriend Tristan continues to harass and annoy my ass. I am not sure why, but I am pondering flying into Kentucky


So very, very tired. It’s Thursday and my alarm clark didn’t wake me up. I am supposed to go out with a friend this morning and look for possible victim replacement cars. My price range is in the poopie range

leave the drama to your momma

Yeah, so, my life is all full of drama. I recently was trying to be friends with my ex-boyfriend Tristan but he’s such a psycho freak of the world that it is absolutely fucking impossible. Ya see, I was driving

girls own me

CLICK HERE Okay I’ve got hurry this one up cuz I’m late for work, but I just wanted to catch you up on the last 24. I’m not talking about the Kiefer Sutherland (SWOON) show, by the way. So, back

zoom zoom

This weekend was wack. First I dyed my hair brown. Then I accidentally removed my tongue ring. No matter how many times I tried to get it back, nothin! I’ve had it for over two years and dammit I’ve got

thanks 4 giving it to me

Okay, so this entry is going to be short. I have a lot of things planned for this weekend. I’m gonna film a new fuck movie with Tran, Britney and I. A threesome! Tran is excited. Of course this all