Monthly Archives: October 2002


Okay, so here is my lame ass friend’s bullshit email. She sent this a day after she went goddamn nutso psycho on me. Goddamn this makes me mad just reading it again. I don’t need these anger crinkles in my

mommy sucks

I use a modem thingy most of the time when I am online except for when I go over to technical boy’s apartment in Round Rock. He’s got a cable modem. I’m there right now but damn it is so

playing dolly

Abbie & Stef the RealDoll Get FuckedCourtesy of RealDollSex.comSHOW ME THE MOVIE Okay, so here is the movie clip that I promised the other day. As you can see I’ve been rearranging my layout again. I thought the site looked


Omigod I’ve gotta splitting headache. I need to wait til’ I turn 21! Yeah, driving down to Mexico to celebrate Columbus Day was a huuuuge mistake. Why do they give us these days off if they know it’s gonna make


There were a few times that I went to some clubs that had alternative nights. This always turns out to mean raver night. I’ve tried it but I’m more mainstream, you know? I love Creed, for example, so what kind

lazy azz

Okay, so I’m in Chicago for a friend’s friend’s wedding. Does that make sense? I don’t have a whole lot to update today. One thing, ModelTexans should have all of its pictures uploaded again by Sunday morning. That site is

cut to the chase

A big bag of Doritos and and a half gallon of Strawberry Quick. Is that a snack? Anna Nicole thinks so. I taped the show last night and just got through watchin’ it. I mean, she’s beautiful and all, but

trading spaces

Bored. I have only a few more things to do as far as transferring my sites over, but I am procrastinating. I’ve got E! on and their True Hollywood Story show has me hooked. I was looking for Trading Spaces


Omigod! It is SO HARD. So very, very hard… to move a site. Yes. Oh yes! It is super hard. I had to reinstall this blog software to get it to work again. Not fun. I didn’t have fun the

stepping into the twilight zone

Watching this hilarious fucking making of show on MTV about the new Madonna video that’s coming out. Madonna is so hilarious. I love her! She hasn’t lost anything. ”Swept Away” is what the movie is called. So great. That’s on