Monthly Archives: September 2002

movin’ on

I’ve been working all weekend at moving my sites all over to the new server. This new company,, kicks mutha fuckin’ ass. They have some amazing little trinkets and tools for me to figure out how much bandwidth each


Don’t even ask me to explain what yesterday’s entry was all about. I was totally in a fog from my girly drug Selexa. Have you heard of it before? It gives me focus and makes me super sleepy during the


Sorry I’ve been away for a few days. Since I got back I was able to trade in my car for another more reliable car. More newer, really. Not much has been up since school has been so constant and

checkin’ out now

I am leaving tomorrow morning at 4 AM. The ass crack of dawn. I’m hitting the White Castle again tonight and maybe seeing the Robin Williams psycho fotomat guy movie. One Hour Photo? Yeah. As usual I am waiting until

trying to escape

I am still trapped in Kentucky. My mom is getting a divorce and I know way too much about how crappy it is here. I confronted my mom about some of the dumb things she is doing and saying and

plop plop

Alrighty then. So I am in Kentucky on my laptop on a dial-up and I am mad bored. I drove straight in and sure enough the radiator died on me when I got here. Looks like I may be stuck

putting the KY back into Kentucky

Okay cuties. I am off in 5 minutes. Driving to Kentucky in my beat up Chevy. I am taking my old laptop with me and I can update once I get there. It’s like a thousand miles away so it

70ser hack3r5

Today has been very interesting. I started getting emails that were bounced as if I’d sent them. After reading a few I found out someone is spamming AOL members with a message that pretends to be from my server and

In Bedding

I need to go over my older entries from a few days ago and clean up my filthy smack talking language. I’m a cracker, what can I say? And I mean it in the “crackah” way. I’m not literally a